Google Plus Still Has Value to Businesses

Google Plus Still Has Value to Businesses

Both casual and hardcore social media users are guilty of writing off Google Plus.And the same sentiment seems to be creeping up in marketing circles.

Many social media marketing service providers focus on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, ignoring Google Plus.Such an approach is a mistake, as Google Plus still has a lot to offer businesses.

Satisfaction Rating

It is interesting to note that Google Plus has a higher satisfaction rating among its users compared to Facebook. On an American Consumer Satisfaction Index survey, Google Plus got a score of 81/100. Facebook could only manage 68/100.

Raw Numbers

The place where Google Plus loses out is in raw numbers. Facebook has close to a billion active users, while some would say that Google Plus only has around 5 million active users.

Google inflates those numbers a great deal, since a Google Plus profile is automatically created when a new Gmail account is made. But active users is a measurement of the people who use the platform regularly.

Perks for Businesses

There is no denying that Google Plus is a smaller market compared to Facebook. But smaller markets can be advantageous for businesses. Here are some of the reasons why businesses should still invest time and money in Google Plus:

Search Engine Optimization

Google Plus posts have a unique URL that appears in Google search results. Many people do not know about that fact. Maintaining a Google Plus profile is a good way to improve a business’ ranking on the search engine.

Naturally, Google ranks its own social network higher than other such sites. So a post on Google Plus can have a more positive impact on SEO than a post on Twitter or Facebook.

Local Integration

Google has a “local carousel” that comes up when someone is searching for results in a local area. This carousel includes photos, descriptions and other vital information about businesses in the area.

Google Plus can help businesses with this local carousel. When a business has more +1s on its Google Plus page, it can get a higher position on carousel results. And when people see a business higher up on those pages, they are more likely to explore or even visit that business!

Finding Niche Communities

Not every company is targeting a wide audience with their products or services. Some businesses are happy to engage with niche communities, because it is where they can make a lot of money.

Google Plus is very good at allowing people to identify communities based on interests and hobbies. It also means that businesses will have an easier time connecting with people who have those hobbies and interests related to the business.

Google Plus also allows for posting longer form content, compared to Facebook and other social media networks. Images are also larger and in a higher resolution. These features mean that businesses can directly engage with a niche community on the platform.

While it may not be a mainstream social network like Facebook or Instagram, Google Plus still has a lot of value for businesses.Ignoring it during social media campaigns is a mistake, especially for businesses targeting local or niche communities.