Google Plus Gets an Android Revamp

Google Plus Gets an Android Revamp

It may be surprising to some, but there are still a lot of people who love using Google Plus.Whether it is because of the circles, integration with Google Photos or the simplicity of the platform, many are avid users.And now those users are getting a brand new version of the Google Plus app on Android smartphones.

What is Google Plus?

Google Plus is Google’s take on a social media platform. It launched in 2011 and generated some positive buzz during the first few years. There was a stage where Google reported that around 540 million people were Google Plus members.

However, usage statistics around that time showed that people were not spending too much time on their Google Plus pages. It is part of the reason why the social network never managed to grab mainstream attention.

But it still has a cult following of individuals who are happy to use the platform to connect with friends and colleagues, consume news and share photos.

Google Plus for Android

Google is known for taking its time when it comes to rolling out app updates. And it appears the new version of Google Plus will follow the same process, where the update will be rolled out over a few days.

But users can soon expect to have a much better experience with Google Plus on their phones. The platform will now be more accessible on smartphones and tablets, as the Google Plus team has stated the new app is a complete rewrite.

Many of the core aspects of the app were rewritten, which means that adding new features will be a lot easier now and in the future.

New Google Plus Features on Android

Some of the new features and improvements that users can expect to see on their Android devices include better stream rendering. Scrolling is also improved, while the photo lightbox is completely redesigned. It is also possible to swipe up on the screen to leave a comment, instead of needing to press a button.

Comments that are “grey-spammed” can now be viewed by the authors of a post, even if they are not viewable by anyone else.

What Does the Future Hold for Google Plus?

It is still unclear how Google is going to tackle its social network in the coming years. For the past few years, it appears that Google is happy to let its social network slide under the radar.

But there are some industry experts who are anticipating the Google Plus team adding some new features and redesigns to the entire experience. It could be Google’s way of attempting to grab a new audience for the social network, especially with many users expressing dissatisfaction at Facebook over the past 12 to 24 months.

It will be worth watching to see how Google Plus changes in the next couple years.But right now, users are excited about the upcoming Android app update.It should bring new features and a smoother experience for Google Plus users on their Android smartphones and tablets.